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Wednesday, December 30

Food Network Addict Year in Review 2009 -- Part 1

I really can't believe it's the end of 2009... but I guess I say that every year. I should just get used to this whole racing toward death Gregorian calendar thing.

Soooo, as we prepare to down a couple buckets of Aunt Sandy's cocktails tomorrow night, let's look back on the year that was at Food Network Addict!


Tyler Florence and Andrew Zimmern kicked off the year with a little hissy fit on Facebook.

After Tyler appeared on a show called "Momma's Boys," Zimmern referred to Tyler as the "least talented TV chef" among other things. Tyler hit back on Facebook, calling Zimmern "the guy who eats dried camel cock for a living." Yum-o!

... we pondered whether the Rachael Ray & John Cusimano-produced show Viva Daisy dazzled:

Answer: no.

... Bobby Flay's company got sued, we learned that an undercover FBI agent turned to Food Network's Giada De Laurentiis and Mario Batali to help "sound Italian", and I tried to figure out who wore Aretha's inauguration hat best:

I bet Bob will have one on next season of The Next Food Network Star!

...and Sandra Lee celebrated her magazine launch.


We saw how good lighting can make someone look a little more like themselves on TV:

...Sandra Lee demonstrated her "burrito casserole" on GMA (put frozen burritos in dish and eat), I ran into Ingrid Hoffmann, the Neelys, Sunny Anderson, and Sandra Lee at the 2009 BubbleQ in South Beach.


I wrote more about the 2009 South Beach Wine & Food Festival and all the lovely sights:

...I got my picture taken with SandraFUCKINGLee!

... I got blinded by Guy Fieri's sunglasses:

... I made my very first Sandra Lee recipe (a crock pot buckle):

... and then went to a Semi-Homemade Party (only to stop at McDonald's afterward 'cuz I was hungry), and Duff & Tyler hit up HSN to sell their wares.


We saw Claire Robinson show off her best Rachael Ray faces:

... Paula Deen was featured on CMT's Cribs:

Of course. Also, "Chef" Sandra Lee tried to sell us some grilled chicken from KFC, Bobby Deen turned 39 years old, and we learned about new shows still yet to premiere in 2010.


Giada De Laurentiis
showed off baby Jade on Today:

... apparently a medical expert now, Paula Deen tried to convince us it was fine to eat pork and that we couldn't catch H1N1 from it, I reviewed the first episode of Sandra Lee's new show Money Saving Meals (and missed Semi-Homemade), Rachael and John did a few more awkward red carpet poses:

...Robert Irvine came BACK to Dinner: Impossible, after being replaced by Michael Symon, Sunny got a new "star-quality' do:

... and Ina had a finger-licking good time at the beach!


I did the first-ever interview that Bob Tuschman & Susie Fogelson had done together for The Next Food Network Star, Kate + 8 visited Charm City Cakes:

... Next Food Network star contestant Michael Proietti made a funny video poking fun at eventual winner Melissa d'Arabian (and then took it down):

... Susie Fogelson said contestants goodbye in style:

... and we learned that Guy Ferraridksdlkjfoi was no longer the spokesperson for Friday's.


Stay tune for Part 2. It's been fun looking back on the crazy busy, changing year it was. Hope you enjoyed it!


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At 12/31/2009 2:13 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the "before" version of Sunny better. I think when I watch she looks more like the before, doesn't she?


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